Anx Beat

ANGBASEMBINA TE DUMBE YVES, is a Congolese rapper born in Kinshasa, DRC, on February 8, 1984. He entered the world of hip-hop in the early 1990s as a dancer in a small group in his neighborhood created between friends.

Very quickly, he developed a passion for rap, influenced by the American show YO RAP TV, as well as artists such as NAUGHTY BY NATURE, LL COOL G, ICE CUBE, HEAVY D, and also a legendary group from the Democratic Republic of Congo the FATIMA C.I.A.

But it wasn’t until 1998, the year that symbolized the golden age of French rap that it became easier for ANX BEAT to write more, notably with the release of the album QUELQUES GOUTTES SUFFISENT by ARSENIK.

It was only in 2006 that the talent of ANX BEAT was discovered by a certain DJ GUYLAIN THAMBA, a renowned sound engineer and producer in Kinshasa, and the latter gave him a chance to record his first maxi-single PREMIER SHOOT, accompanied by the members of his group HOSTIL à l’ETAT (MIT MOT and DARKEN), which gave him a small recognition on the rap scene, but a great notoriety in his favorite neighborhood KINGABWA.

Despite the artistic quality of PREMIER SHOOT, the EP was not a success with the Kinshasa public. Some time later, ANX BEAT met NYCKYA STAR, TENZA MAN and CHRYS KOLORADO, three young rappers, producers and owners of the FRERES DE SANG label. This collaboration led to a tour in MATADI, a port city in the DRC with an amazing hip-hop scene, and in the same year ANX recorded his street album R.I.P, which ended in total failure.

Anx Beat and Kronik des Canivots

Congolese rapper Anx Beat
Congolese rapper Anx Beat

By the end of 2009, the BLOOD BROTHERS were practically non-existent and each of the members set out to look for another direction. A year after the break-up of the group FRERES DE SANG, ANX BEAT during a visit to INDIA, undertook a comeback with KRONIK DES CANIVOTS, a project that was stopped following a bad contract.

In 2016, the indefatigable ANX BEAT returned to the studio for a 1390 project, which until then remained on hold. This time it was negotiations with the Belgian justice system that did not allow him to come to finalize the mixtape.

LE DEUZ (Which means THE Z in verlan slang) is how ANX BEAT titles his masterpiece of 7 tracks, with two sublime collaborations, the charming rhythmic and blues voice of BRUNELL, and a feature from the great rap gamer MIC MAC G – a pure rap straight out of the streets of KINSHASA. ANX BEAT intends to conquer the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa and the rest of the world.

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