We got your back.

If you’re not sure about a mix or a lyric, get a second opinion from 3 Hats Music. Don’t sit there wondering. Or even worse: don’t shelve the track.

The Lyrical Helpline

Singer in studio with lyrics
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Stuck! If you get stuck on a lyric or find them too complicated/repetitive, get in touch.

We can help.

Or maybe English is not your first language and you have doubts about how the words actually sound. We can help there too.

There’s a very easy solution, just call the Lyrical Helpline. In roughly 3 days, you’ll get your lyrics back with suggestions on how to simplify the flow.

The lyrics will be checked by a professional lyricist with over 100 cuts to his name, and a small collection of gold records.

Go into studio with the confidence that you have the best lyric for your tune. 

Feel awkward about sending us your lyrics? Then read this before you get in touch. 

If you ever wonder if your lyrics are any good, relax. Every writer since the dawn of time has wondered the same thing. There are a few rules you can follow:

How do the words sound? Are they natural?

Read the words out loud without singing them. Are there are any words that sound complicated? Contrived? Would the character in the song (which might not be you!) use those words? Is there not a simpler way to say what you want to say? If possible, let imagery do the work – it’s a great way of planting an image in the listener’s head.

How about the rhymes?

Rhymes are definitely important, but you have to find a balance between ones that are too easy, or childish, and ones that are more sophisticated. It depends on what you are writing. The more overt the pop, the easier the rhymes should be. The deeper the track, the more sophisticated they can be.

Would Lady Gaga or your favourite singer perform these live?

For me, this is the litmus test. Set yourself the task of writing a song for your favourite singer in a specific genre. Now ask yourself realistically would they sing your words. Are they too simple? Or maybe too cliché – or even too sophisticated or clever (it happens more often than you think)?

If so, it’s back to the drawing board. But remember, never throw lyrics out completely. If they have some little nugget of interest, file them for later use.

To get started, contact us today:

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