In the late eighties, Ben was very active in the US and Europe, recording and producing music under a number of artist names and labels. During this time, he met and worked with a large number of artists we now consider important in the history of soul music.

Some of the Ben Schwag recordings were released, others were stored away for future work. The songs were recorded on analog tapes, mostly 16-track but in some cases twinned 16-track recorders to get 32 tracks of music. This is the way things were done back then!

It brings together people that have worked successfully in European pop in the 80s and 90s with 2 Unlimited and CB Milton and recordings with a producer of Johnny Guitar Watson, Curtis Mayfield, Rufus Thomas and George Williams of The Tymes.

Over the years, we accumulated tracks with a number of soul greats that were never released for a variety of reasons.  “Some of these recordings are invaluable,” says producer Ben Schwag, “They are often the last known recordings. So we’ve given ourselves a mission to get them out before time means we lose them forever.”

Soul legend George Williams of The Tymes
Soul singer George Williams of The Tymes
Vance Tenort (LA Boppers)
Grandfather of soul Rufus Thomas
Stan Wade (The Trammps)
Blues guitarist Johnny Guitar Watson
Johnny Guitar Watson

Plus, recordings by Carla Thomas and Curtis Mayfield (separately!).

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