Ben back in Tunis for workshops

With the support of No Boundz, Ben will be back in Tunis for two workshops in March 2023.

“I’ve noticed that many people in the puppetry world are now more aware of the power of images,” he explains. “But many professionals would like some support to do this properly.

How to film puppet shows

In two events, Ben will give a quick overview of issues you have to look at to better film what was first intended to be a puppet theatre show. “It’s a different medium,” Schwag notes. “It’s important to look at it from the ground up and look at it with new eyes.”

For that reason he will walk the participants through the basics from the script up to the final editing. This include staging, lighting and production and post-production issues.

The time for puppeteers to learn is right now

“The time for puppeteers to learn these skills is right now,” says Schwag. “Puppetry does not get the exposure it deserves. At the same time, it has never been easier to find new audiences on streaming platforms such as YouTube, while promoting them though social media. The future really is in the hands of the creators.”

The puppetry workshops will be held at:

March 15, Douroub cultural centre. 45 Avenue Jean Jaurès , Tunis,

March 16, 5pm: Carthage Puppetry Arts Days (festival Théâtre de Poche (Cité de la Culture), Av. Mohamed 5, Tunis. For details, +216 70 028 319

Puppet-masters: get in touch

If you work with puppets, why not get in touch to see if you want Ben to provide coaching on how to film puppet shows, going “From Stage to Screen” as he puts it. Ben is a qualified cinematographer and sound professional with extensive international experience, including film production. He runs workshops in film schools and festivals.

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