Results of the 2 Rives festival 2022

In September 2022, we were honoured to be part of the international jury for the Festival 2 Rives for first films and short movies. Ben Schwag also held a workshop dedicated to writing and sound in short movies.

Ben Schwag at the 4th Festival 2 Rives, Tunis.

The jury of the festival of first films was composed of:
Imad Oueslati: President
Moncef Baldi: Member
Adel Eyet Ammar: Member
Nasser Berkhissa: Member
Adel Khammssi: Member
Ikbal Sfar : Member

International jury:

Ben Schwagrowki (president)

Guus Fluit

Michael Leahy

Thierry Tirabasso

On September 22, 2022, after having viewed all the 20 works nominated by the selection and viewing committee from a total of seven countries (Tunisia – Morocco – Iraq – Libya – Mauritania – Egypt – Palestine) they announced the winners. Given that the level of the works and their sources were different, they were classified into two categories.

The institutional films open to students only, had more than ten works nominated for this category.

The first prizes for the two films “Pars” and “Sin” were shared equally between the two students: Dkekra Al-Askari – Nour Al-Huda Nasri
Malek Sokouhi from Tunisia 2nd prize* ABDOU MOSLEM
ABDOU MOSLEM 3rd prize for precision*.

The second category was for first films and professional productions, and 12 works competed for prizes:

  • Earth Brick: Egypt/1
  • Shash: Iraq/2
  • Stop: Morocco/3
  • Jury Prize: Une Minute de Silence: Mauritania *
  • Creativity Award: Left Foot: Iraq*
  • Environment Award: Malgin: Tunisia *
  • Challenge Award: Asmaa Jabali / Emna Al-Jami: Zaman / In the Blink of an Eye: Tunisia

The committee also noted the Palestinian documentary “Sanabel sans tĂȘtes/Sanabel without heads”.

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